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The first Rockband on the Blockchain

We love Rock and Roll

The Rockchains is the first virtual rockband on the Blockchain, born from the passion of the team members for new technologies, rock music and gaming.

A collection of 7777 unique NFTs has been ganereted to help them spread the word of rock’nroll all over the blockchain and metaverse.

The Story


The Band


Ace / vocals

"I think I fell in love with you... emh... Cindy right?!"
Profession: Narcissistic singer
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Color: White
Code: Y2Kbug
Place and date of birth: Millenium Bug 1 January 2000
Personality type: ESTP-A ESTP
Vices: Alcohol and women
Passions: Gym - Motorcycles - Clothes
Character: Naughty, eccentric, latin lover, vain, astute


El Tio / guitars

"Ah... so many problems, don’t think about it, drink on it"
Profession: Gloomy guitarist and junkie
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Color: Red
Code: Y2Kbug
Place and date of birth: Millenium Bug 1 January 2000
Personality type: ENFP-A ENFP-T
Vices: drugs and alcohol
Passions: Music - Concerts - Grow Marijuana
Character: nice, friendly, sunny, feigned grumpy, introspective


Mia / bass

"Am Mia... Any problem?!"
Profession: Bass player, asshole
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Color: Purple
Code: Y2Kbug
Place and date of birth: Millenium Bug 1 January 2000
Personality type: ENTP-A ENTP-T
Vices: Men/women and brawls
Passions: Motorcycles - Clothes - Cats
Character: curious, arrogant, passionate, determined, stubborn


Bug / drums

"Man is the worst species in the entire universe..."
Profession:Student - robot drummer
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Color: Light blue
Code: BUG. In reality Cody
Place and date of birth: San Francisco March 3, 1995
Personality type: INTJ-A INTJ-T
Vices: Sweets and music
Passions: Chess - Gaming - Books
Character: Mysterious, dark, shy, closed, melancholic

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The Music

Music will be part of “The Rockchains” project
original tracks of raw and dirty rock and roll
will be coming as NFTs.

Coming Soon


The Roadmap

Step 01 / We are the Rockchains

We are the RockChains, virtual musicians born during the Millennium Bug. Our band wants to be known by all you! Are you ready to go wild with us and be part of our Community on our social channels? Are you ready to listen to our story? Follow the RockChains.

Step 02 / Minting

Well Well Well… So we are becoming a great Community! At this stage we want to give you something more, we want you to enter our world and leave you with something special… Ourselves! We want you to be part of our story so we came out with 7777 super special and cool NFTs that fully identify The RockChains!

Step 03 / The Music

Are you ready for some “meta rock”? At this stage we decided to make you fall in love even more with us, by releasing our original music. Tracks of Raw and wild rock and roll will be coming out as NFTs… and for our most active fans there will be many surprises and special benefits! Stay tuned…

Phase 04 / Coming Soon

We have a dream… and this dream can only be realized thanks to your help! Dreams, however, should not be revealed immediately but you have to leave a bit of mystery… follow us if you want to know and be the part of the dream of The RockChains…


The team



Project Manager and Coding Magic



Graphics, Illustrations and Music



Project Social Media Manager